Thursday, 21 November 2013

Develop a Positive Mental Attitude – Personality Development

Optimism is the most important quality you can develop for personal and professional success and happiness. Optimistic people seem to be more effective in almost every area of life.
Four behaviors of Optimists are-
1.       Optimists look for the good in every situation. No matter what goes wrong, they always look for something good or beneficial and so they always seem to find it.
2.       Optimists always seek the valuable lesson in every setback or difficulty. They believe that difficulties come not to obstruct but to instruct. They believe that each setback or obstacle contains a valuable lesson they can learn and grow from and they are determined to find it.
3.       Optimists always look for the solution to every problem. Instead of blaming or complaining when things go wrong they become action oriented.
4.       Optimists think and talk continually about their goals. They think about what they want and how to get it. They think and talk about the future and where they are going rather than the past and where they came from.   

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Motivate Yourself into Action - Personality Development

Motivate Yourself into Action -  Personality Development

To performat your best you must become your own personal cheerleader. You must develop a routine of coaching yourself and encouraging yourself to play at the top of your game. You should talk to yourself positively all the time to boost your self-esteem. Say things like- “I like myself! I like Myself! Over and over until you begin to believe it and behave like a person with a high-performance personality. To keep yourself motivated and to overcome feelings of doubt or fear continually tell yourself – “I can do it! I can do it!” When people ask you how you are, always tell them “I feel terrific”

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Guard Your Physical Health- Personality Development

Guard Your Physical Health- Personality Development
To keep your energy levels at their peak be careful about what you eat. Start the day with a high-protein, low fat and low carbohydrate breakfast. Eat salads with vitamin and minerals filled lunch. Avoid sugar, salt white flour products and desserts. Avoid soft drinks, candy bars and pastries. Feed yourself as you would feed a world-class athlete before a competition because in many respects, that’s what you are before starting work each day.
                Aim to exercise for 30 minutes daily, this can be a walk, yoga or meditation. You can swim, use exercise equipment, play sports but build exercise in your daily routine just as if it were a business appointment.
By eating lean and healthy, exercising regularly and getting lots of rest you will get more and better work done easier and with greater satisfaction than ever before.
The better you feel when you start work, the less you will procrastinate and the more eager you will be to get the job and get on with other tasks.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Golden Opportunity for Corporate/Companies - Personality Development

Golden Opportunity for Corporate/Companies
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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Put the Pressure on Yourself- Personality Development

Put the Pressure on Yourself- Personality Development
The world is full of people who are waiting for someone to come along and motivate them to be the kind of people they wish they could be. The problem is that no one is coming to the rescue. Only about 2% of people can work entirely without supervision. We call these people “Leaders”. To reach your full potential you must form the habit of putting the pressure on yourself and not waiting for someone else to come along and do it for you.
                Make it a game with yourself to start a little earlier, work a little harder and stay a little later. Always look for ways to go the extra mile to do more than you are paid for.
                By putting pressure on yourself you will accomplish more and better tasks faster than ever before. You will become a high performance, high-achieving personality. You will feel terrific about yourself and bit by bit you will build up the habit of rapid task completion that will then go on to serve you all the days of your life.

Golden Opportunity for Colleges/ School/Institutions

Golden Opportunity for Colleges/ School/Institutions
Motivational Personality Development and Career Counseling Program at your campus by famous motivational and corporate trainer having experience of 11 years. Already more than 50 thousand benefited. For details, contact- 09828041819, 09351385042
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Friday, 8 November 2013

Three Steps to Mastery- Personality Development

Three Steps to Mastery- Personality Development

First, read in your field for at least one hour every day. Get up a little earlier in the morning and read for thirty to sixty minutes in a books or magazine that contains information that can help you to be more effectiveand productive at what you do.
                Second, take every course and seminar available on the key skills that can help you. Attend the conventions and business meetings of your profession or occupation. Go to the sessionsand workshops. Sit up front and take notes. Purchase the audio recording of the most knowledgeable and competent people in you field.
                Third, listen to audio programs in your car. The average car owner sits behind the wheel 500 to 1,000 hours each year while driving from place to place. Turn driving time into learning time. You can become one of the smartest, most capable, and highest paid people in your field simply by listening to educational audio programs as you drive around.
                The more you learn and know, the more confident andmotivated you feel. The better  you become, the more capable you will be of doing even more in our field.
                The more you learn, the more you can learn. Just as you can build your physical muscles through physical exercises, you can build your mental muscles with mental exercises. And there is no limit to how far or how fast you can advance except for the limits you place on your own imagination.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Never Stop Learning – Personality Development

Never Stop Learning – Personality Development

One of the most helpful of all time management techniques is for you to get better at your key tasks. Personal and professional improvement is one of the best time savers there is. The better you are at a key task, the more motivated you are to launch into it. The better you are, the more energy and enthusiasm you have. When you know that you can do a job well, you find it easier to overcome procrastination and get the job done faster and better than under any other circumstances.
One piece of information or one additional skill can make an enormous difference in your ability to do the job well. Identify the most important things you do, and then make a plan to continually upgrade your skills in those areas.

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Take One Step at a Time – Personality Development

Take One Step at a Time Personality Development

You can accomplish the biggest task in your life by discipliningyourself to take just one step at a time. Your job is to go as far as you can see. You will then see far enough to go further. To accomplish a great task, you must step out in faith and have complete confidence that your next step will soon become clear to you. A great life or a great career is built by performing one task at a time, quickly and well, and then going on to the next task. Financial independence is achieved by saving a little money every single month, year after year. Health and fitness are accomplished by just eating a little less and exercising a little more, day after day and month after month.
                You can overcome procrastination and accomplish extraordinary things by taking just the first step, getting started towards you goal, and then taking it one step at a time.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Launch towards Your Dream – Personality Development

Launch towards Your Dream – PersonalityDevelopment

Once you have completed yourpreparations, it is essential  that you launch immediately toward your goals. Get started. Do the first thing, whatever it is.
                “Get it 80 percent right and  then correct it later.” Run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes. Don’t expect perfection the first time or even the first few times. Be prepared to fail over and over before you get it right.
                The biggest enemies we have to overcome on the road to success are not a lack of ability and a lack of opportunity but fears of failure and rejection and the doubts that they trigger. The only way to overcomeyour fears is to “do the thing you fear.
                “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Once you have completed you preparations, have the courage to take the first action, and everything else will follow from that. The way you develop thecourage you need is to act as if you already had the courage and behave accordingly.