Monday, 18 April 2016

TRULY HAPPY NORMAL NATURAL CONDITION by Shikhar Prajapati (India’s favourite Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer)

TRULY HAPPY NORMAL NATURAL CONDITION by Shikhar Prajapati (India’s favourite Motivational Speaker &Corporate Trainer)

Children are born with two remarkable qualities. The first is that they are born largely unafraid. They come into the world with only two physical fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. All other fears have to be taught to the child through repetition and reinforcement while the child is growing up.
                Anyone who ever tries to raise a small child to the age of five or six knows that they are not afraid of anything. They will climb up on ladders, run out into traffic, grab sharp instruments and generally do things that appear suicidal to an adult. They have no fears at all until those fears are implanted in them by their parents and others.
                The second remarkable quality of children is that they are completely uninhibited. They laugh, they cry, they wet their pants. They say and do exactly what they feel like with no concern whatever for the opinions of others. They are completely natural and express themselves easily and naturally with no embarrassments at all. Have you ever seen a self- conscious baby?
                Wonderfully enough, this is your natural state, the way you come into the world, unafraid and uninhibited, completely fearless and able to express yourself freely and easily in all situations. You know this is true because, years later, whenever you are in a safe situation, with people you trust, you often revert to this natural state of fearlessness and naturalness. You feel relaxed and comfortable, completely free to let your hair down and be yourself. These are some of the best moments of your life, your peak experiences, when you are truly happy. And they are your normal, natural condition.

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Simple Steps to Boost Energy and Remove Stress without medicine

Simple Steps  to Boost  Energy and
 Remove Stress without medicine 

       Exercise atleast 30 minutes 5 times a week
       Run few miles daily in morning to energize throughout  the day
       Spend time in nature on a weekly basis
       Take nutritious breakfast and never leave breakfast
       Don’t eat late at night
       East and elite performer diet, completely cutting out junk food
       Read something inspiring for minutes daily in the morning
       Drink lots of water
       Get enough Sleep
       Avoid frequent use of emails and social networking sites

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Friday, 8 April 2016

Self Construction Tips by Shikhar Prajapati Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer

 by Shikhar Prajapati Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer
 Self Construction is made up of three parts, like three layers of a cake. The first of these parts is your Self- Ideal. This is the vision or perfect description of the person that you would most like to be in every respect. This ideal images exerts a powerful influence on your behavior and on the way you think about yourself. Your self-ideal is a mixture  of the qualities that you admire most in other people, living and dead. It is the sum of your dominant aspirations. It is your vision of what the perfect person should be.
Exceptional men and women have very clear self- ideals, toward which they are constantly striving. They set high standards for themselves and strive to live up to them. And so can you. The more clear you are about the person you want to become, the more likely it is that, day by day, you will evolve into that person. You will rise to the height of dominant aspirations for yourself. You will become what you must admire. Unsuccessful and unhappy men and women have very vague ideals, or in most cases, no self-ideals at all. They give little or no thought to the person they want to be or to the qualities that they would like to develop in themselves. Their growth and evolution eventually slows and stops. They get stuck in a mental groove and they stay there. They lose all motivation of self- improvement. As you clarify your fundamental values and work to integrate them into everything you do, your personality improves and because your outer life reflects your inner life, your work, your relationships and every aspect of your outer life improves as well.
                The second part of your Self Construction is your Self-image. Your Self- image is the way you see yourself and the way you think about yourself, as you go about your daily activities. Your self image is often your inner mirror, into which you look to see how you are supposed to behave or perform in a particular situation. You always behave consistently with the pictures that you hold of yourself on the inside. Because of this, you can improve your performance by deliberately changing the mental pictures that you hold about yourself in that area. This process of self-image modification is one of the fastest and most dependable ways to improve your performance. As you begin to see yourself and think about yourself as more proficient and confident, your behavior becomes more focused and effective.
                When you purposefully change your self-image, you will walk, talk, act and feel better than your ever have before. You will change both your personality and your results by changing your mental images.
                The third part of your self-concept is your Self-esteem. Your self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. It is the emotional element of your personality, and it is the foundation quality of high performance. It is the key to cheerfulness and personal effectiveness. It is the source of the energy, enthusiasm, strength and confidence that powers your personality and makes your into a high achieving man or woman. When you feel good about yourself, you perform better. And when you perform well, you feel good about  yourself. Both  are essential. The best measure of self- esteem is how much you like yourself. The more you like yourself, the better you do at everything you put your mind to. The more you like yourself , the more confidence you have, the more positive is your attitude, the healthier and more enthusiastic you are and the happier you are overall.
 “I like myself! I like myself!I like myself!”
Or better yet, you can say “I love myself” I love myself! I love myself!”  Liking yourself is very healthy. It is the key to personal effectiveness and to happy relationships with others. The more you like and respect yourself, the better you perform in everything you do. You are more relaxed  and positive. You are more confident about your abilities. You make fewer mistakes. You have more energy and you are more creative.    

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Steps for Success by Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Steps  for Success

(IA+AA) * A = IHP
IA stands for Inborn Attributes. These are what we are born with, our natural tendencies, our temperament and our general mental ability. AA stands for AcquiredAttributes. These are the knowledge, skill, talent, experience and ability that we have gained as we have grown and matured. A stands for Attitude which is the kind of mental energy that we bring to bear on our combination of inborn and acquired attributes. IHP stands for Individual Human Performance.  So, the Formula is Inborn Attributes plus Acquired Attributes multiplied by our Attitude equals our Individual Human Performance.
                Our Inborn Attributes, our mental talents and abilities, the inner aspects of our personality are largely fixed at birth. They are our genetic heritage. We can’t do much do much to change them. Our Acquired Attributes are the skills and abilities we develop by channeling our natural talents through our education and experience. These are our areas of proficiency and potential mastery. We can develop, improve and change our acquired attributes over time through study and practice, but the process is slow, requiring patience, discipline and substantial effort.
The only wild card in the equation is A or Attitude. Since the quality of our attitude can be improved almost without limit, even a person with average inborn attributes and average acquired attributes can perform at a high level if he or she has a very Positive Mental Attitude. And our attitude can be improved immediately and almost without limit. This is why it is our Attitude as much as our Aptitude that determines how much we accomplish. And our Attitude is under the direct control of our will. We can decide what it is going to be every minute of every day.
                A Positive Mental Attitude is a generally optimistic and cheerful way of greeting the people, problems and events that we encounter throughout our day.
                If we believe good things to happen to us, we will be positive and optimistic in our approach to people and situations. If we look for the good in others, we will probably find it. If we expect something wonderful to happen to us today, it probably will. Positive Expectations are the mark of the greater persona. They create in us and attitude of positive expectancy that goes hand in hand with happiness and self-confidence.
                According to the Law of Belief- If we have a caring world view, if we believe that the world is a good place and that you are a good person, then we will expect best from ourselves, from others and from the situations we encounter. Our positive expectations will be expressed in a positive mental attitude and people will reflect back to us our attitude toward them. We will get back what we give out.