Monday, 11 February 2019

Focus on Worthy by Motivational Speaker in Maharashtra Mumbai Pune Nagpur Nashik Aurangabad Amravati Kolhapur India

Start spending the hours of your days only on those high-leverage activities and priorities that will advance your life’s mission, everything will change.

Delegate the work which others can do better than you, but majority of the people don’t delegate their work.

People don’t delegate their work because –
      they fear that other person will learn his skills and may create problem for him
      They think so that only I can do this work in a best method

But this is a real fact that the potential you are having cannot be taken and snatched by anyone else

Don’t do everything
“The person who tries to do everything ultimately achieves nothing.”  

Shikhar Prajapati is  India’s favourite Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer who has successfully trained more than 7 lakh people since 2001.

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