Monday, 15 July 2019

Goals – How badly do you want it? By Motivational Speaker in Gujarat Ahmedabad Surat Vadodara Rajkot

The ability to set goals and to make plans for their accomplishment is the master Skill ofSuccess. Developing this skill will do more to ensure your success than anything else you could ever do.
                                Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement. A person without goals is like a ship without a rudder, drifting aimlessly and always in danger of ending up on the rocks. A person with goals is like a ship with a rudder, guided by a captain with a map, a compass, and a destination, sailing straight and true toward a port of his own choosing.
                You are where you are and what you are because you have decided to be there. Your thoughts, your actions and your behaviour have gotten you to your present position in life, and they could have brought you to no other place, rightly considered.
                If your goal is to get through the day and then get home and watch tv, you will achieve it. If your goal is to be fit and healthy and to live a long life, then you will achieve that too. And if your goal is to be financially independent or even wealthy, if that is truly your goal, then there is nothing that can stop you from reaching it, sooner or later. 

Your only limitation is your desire - How badly do you want it?

Shikhar Prajapati
(Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer)

Shikhar Prajapati is  India’s favourite Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer who has successfully trained more than 7 lakh people since 2001.

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