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Steps to Achieve Goals by Motivational Speaker in Kerala Kochi Thiruvananthapuram India

Steps to Achieve Goals  

Step 1 – Develop Desire – Intense , Burning Desire
This is the motivational force that enables you to overcome the fear and inertia that hold most people back. The greatest single obstacle to setting and achieving goals is fear of all kinds. Fear is the reason you sell yourself short and settle for far less than you are capable of. Every decision you make is made on the basis of emotion, either fear or desire. The Law of Concentration tells, The more you concentrate on a particular thing, it grows. If you dwell upon your desires, if you think about them and write them out and make plans to accomplish them continually, your desires eventually become so strong that they override and push aside your fears. An intense burning desire for a specific goal enables you to rise above your fears and move forward over any obstacles.
                What is your major definite purpose? What is your overarching goal? If you were guaranteed success in any one  area, what would you want to accomplish? Review the 7 goals setting questions until you become perfectly clear about what would make you the very happiest. Deciding what you really want is the starting point of all great achievement.

Step 2 – Develop Belief
To activate your subconscious mind you must absolutely believe that it is possible for you to achieve your goal.  You must have complete faith that you deserve the goal and that it will come to you when you are ready for it. You must nurture your faith and belief until they deepen into and absolute conviction that your goal is attainable.
                Because belief is the catalyst that activates your mental powers, it is important that your goals be realistic, especially at first. If your goal is to earn more money, you should set a goal to increase your income by 10 or 20 0r 30 percent over the next 12 months. These are believable goals, goals that you can get your mind around. They are realistic and can therefore be a source of motivation for you.
                If your goal is too far beyond anything you have accomplished in the past, setting it too high actually makes it a demotivator. Because it is so distant, you seem to be making little or no progress toward it. You become discouraged more easily and you can soon stop believing that it is possible for you.  

Step 3 – Write It Down
The goals which are not written, are not the goals. Those are only wishes or fantasies. A wish is a goal with no energy behind it. When you write a goal on a paper you crystallize it. You make it something  concrete and tangible. You make it something that you can pick up and look at and hold and touch and feel. You have taken it out of your imagination and put it into a form that you can do something with.
                One of the most powerful of all methods for implanting a goal into your subconscious mind is to write it out clearly, in detail. Exactly as you would like to see it in reality.
                Decide what is right before you decide what is possible. Make the description of your goal perfect and ideal in every respect. Don’t worry, about how the goal is going to be achieved. You remain job in the beginning is to be absolutely certain about exactly what it is that you desire, and not to worry about the process of achieving it. The most important reason for writing them down, aside from clarifying them in your mind, is that the very act of writing them down intensifies your desire and deepens your belief that they are achievable.

Step 4 – Make a List of all the ways that you will benefit from achieving your Goal
Just as goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement, reasons “why” are the forces that intensify your desire and drive you forward. Your motivation depends upon your motives, your reasons for acting in the first place, and the more reasons you have, the more motivated you will be.
                One of the work is to keep your desire burning by continually thinking of all of the benefits, satisfactions and rewards you will enjoy as a result of achieving your goal. Some people are motivated by money and the possibility of living in a big house and driving a beautiful car. Others are motivated by recognition, status and prestige, by the idea of earning the admiration of others.            
                Make a list of all the benefits- tangible and intangible that you can enjoy when you will achieve your goals. The longer the list, the more motivated and determined you will become.

Step 5 – Analyse your position, your starting point
Find out your starting point, it gives you a baseline from which you can measure your progress. The clearer you are about where you are coming from and where are you going, the more likely it is that you will reach too your destination.

Step 6 – Set a Deadline
Set a deadline for your goal, program it into your mind and it will activate your subconscious “forcing system” which ensure that you accomplish your goal by that date, at the latest.
                Often people resisting deadlines for fear that they will not achieve their goals by the time they have set for themselves. They do everything possible, including leading the deadline vague, to avoid the feelings of discouragement that might occur.
                Probably 80% of cases, if your goals are sufficiently realistic and your plans are sufficiently detailed, and you work your plans faithfully, you will achieve your goal by your deadline.

Step 7 – Make a List of all the Obstacles that stand between you and the accomplishments of your Goal

Wherever great success is possible, great obstacles exist. In fact, obstacles are the flipside of success and achievement. If there are no obstacles between you and your goal, it is probably is not a goal at all, merely an activity. When you have listed every obstacle you can think of, organise the list in order of importance. What is the biggest single obstacle that stand between you and your goal? This is your rock. On your pathway to the accomplishment of anything worthwhile, you will experience a series of obstacles, detours and roadblocks. But almost invariably, there is one big rock or major obstacles that lies across your path and blocks your progress. It is this rock that you must focus on removing before you get sidetracked dealing with smaller obstacles and problems.

Step 8 – Take additional information for achieving the Goal
Make a list of all the information, talents, skills, abilities and experience that you will need and then make a plan to learn, buy, rent or borrow this information or skill as quickly as you can.

Step 9 – Make a List of all the people whose help and cooperation you will require
Make a list of all people who will co-operate and help you in achieving your goals, list may include your family, your boss, your customers, your bankers, your business partners or sources of capital and even your friends. To accomplish anything worthwhile, you will need the help and cooperation of many people. Take this list and organise it in order of priority.

Step 10 – Make a Plan
                Write out, in detail, what you want, when you want it, why you want it and where you are starting from. Make a list of obstacles you must overcome, the information you will require, and the people whose help you will need. With answers to steps one through nine, you have all the ingredients of a complete master plan for achievement of any goal.

Step 11 – Use Visualization
Create a mental picture of your goal as it would appear if it were already achieved. Replay this picture over and over again on the screen of your mind. Each time you visualise your goal as accomplished, you increase your desire and intensify your belief that the goal is achievable for you. And what you see is what you get.

Step 12 – Never, never give up
Back your goals and plans with persistence and determination. Never consider the possibility of failure. Never think about quitting. Decide to hold on, no matter what happens. And as long as you refuse to quit, you must eventually be successful.
                Develop the ability to persevere in the face of the inevitable obstacles and difficulties you will face.

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