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How to Control the Work Pressure by Motivational Speaker in Haryana Faridabad Gurugram Panipat Ambala Noida

How to Control the Work Pressure 
by Motivational Speaker in Haryana Faridabad Gurugram Panipat Ambala Noida

There are some people who have obsession for performance and are considered as “Type A Behaviour.” It is estimated that probably 60% of men and 10% (and growing) of women are type A’s. These people put so much pressure on themselves to execute that they burn themselves out and often die of heart attacks before age 55. This is perhaps the most serious stress related happening in the workplace.

The signs of A type Persons-

A.            The type A person always running for work

 They feel that they are in rat race. They feel they have to do lot of work in less time. They are always volunteering for one and more work in order to win consent from the boss that he never got from his father. Companies appoint these people because they work with incredible power and produce far more than the average people. Then the companies fire or demote them and hire new Type A’s for their jobs.

B.            Type A people have a passion with performance, with achievement, to some undermined high standard

No matter how much they achieve, it is never enough. They keep on pushing themselves harder and harder. They always feel a marvellous insecurity of status. They never feel they have done enough.

C.            Type A people are more concerned with the things than people

They work harder and harder to stand up number of happenings- higher incomes, greater number of sales, more and more bigger belongings. They measure how well they are doing by what they can count. They talk about their belongings, achievements, income all the time.

D.            The A type people bring work to home

Always telling about boss.  They had and obsession with the opinions and views of the employer.

E.            Type A people are typically angry, impatient and irritated

They work harder and harder but get little satisfaction. From their work or happenings. They feel out of control. They frequently say, - “I have to do this’ I have to do that” They feel there is no point where they can relax and take it easy. They finally send a message to subconscious mind “Get me out of here!” And the first signs of heart diseases or other illness appear not long afterward.

Distinguishing between 
type A and the Workaholic

                There is a basic difference between the Type A personality and workaholic. The two are distinctly different. True Type A’s cannot talk or think time off without work. They don’t take vacations for years, carry a briefcase full of work at home, if they go for family vacations, take the work their also. One of the qualities of true Type A person is the unavailability to take time off. They also have an outside locus of control. They repeatedly use the words- “I have to, I have to”. They don’t have any control over what they do. They are always doing something because someone else want it or someone expects it.

                Workaholics are rather different. They have an inner locus of control. They work for self-determined goals and objectives. They feel extreme satisfaction and pleasure from their work. They can work for 10-12-4 hours a day of even 7 days a week, but can take vacations and not think about work at all.

                These tend to be positive personalities, fulfilling their potential by doing something that is important to them. They have no aggression, anger or resentment. They are full of enthusiasm and excitement about their work. They usually do the work what they love to do, what they really enjoy.

                This is the main difference between Type A and workaholic people, the amount of enjoyment each gets from his or her work. Now, honestly which one are you? Type A or workaholic. Your life may depend upon how accurately you answer this question.

Taking Control

                If you recognise Type A behaviour in yourself, especially the attitude of aggression and a bullying sense of time urgency, or time pressure, there are specific things that you can do to get over it.

1 Step – Admit It
                Admit that you are a type A personality. Many Type A persons reject that their work control them completely, rather than they control their work. They become self-protective and angry when their behaviour is brought to their attention. To get over Type A behaviour you must realise that you can never find peace or happiness in your accomplishments. You can find peace only inside yourself.

2 Step – Make the Decision to Change
                Make the decision that you do not want to live like this anymore. Make the decision that you want to become a more relaxed, more productive and more enjoyable person, parent or spouse.
                Many people say that they are proud of being type A people. Don’t fall in this trap. Killing yourself 20 years early with hard work is nothing to be proud of.

3 Step – Learn to Relax
                Very best way to relax is to just stop. Practice complete relaxation or meditation even solitude for 20 minutes, twice a day.

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