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How to make Healthy Relationship by Motivational Speaker in Manipur Imphal Bishnupur Chandel

How to make Healthy Relationship 
by Motivational Speaker in Manipur Imphal Bishnupur 

All of us either think we have or feel we have or want to have a “Healthy Personality.”  To become a Healthy Personality and to makehealthy relations with others we must follow the following -

Healthy Personality is of 3 types

1. Your personality is healthy to the degree to which you deliberately look for the good in each person and each situation. Your personality is unhealthy to the degree to which you look for the bad in people and circumstances.

2. Your personality is healthy to the degree to which you can freely forgive people who have hurt you in some way. Most unhappiness and psychological illness is caused by inability to forgive, the insistence on holding grudges long after an incident has passed. The act of forgiving influence your personality. Truly healthy people do not hate, nor do they go with anger and resentment over what happened in past. They keep their minds clear for old problems. They let them go.

3. Your personality is healthy to the degree to which you can get along with easily with many different kinds of people. Anybody can get along with a few people. You can always get along with people who are very much like you, positive or negative. But the truly healthy person has an ability to get along with a great variety of people with different temperaments, different personalities, different values, and different opinions.

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